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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Injury Reports

Even though I started it, I will leave the Plaschke imitation to Steve -- my mind turns to mush if I get in Plaschke-writing mode for more than 10 minutes.

Maybe Ken Gurnick is the best source of actual information we Dodger fans have. Gurnick contributed a nice report today on a couple of key injuries we've been worrying about all winter. The major news:

- Brad Penny is still experiencing numbness in his arm. Gurnick tries to neutralize this discomforting bit of news by pointing out that Robb Nen experienced this type of injury as a young pitcher and played with this numbness for the rest of his career. I'm not sure how comforting the Nen comparison is though--Nen pitched in 1-inning stints before his shoulder completely fell off sometime in 2002.

- Jayson Werth's elbow has healed well and he should be able to start Opening Day.

At the conclusion of the piece, Gurnick states that Darren Dreifort's career "is likely over." I'm not sure if this was already well-established; in any case, I feel bad for Dreifort--it wasn't his fault that Malone handed him a winning lottery ticket for $55 million.


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