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Friday, February 18, 2005

Legitimate Questions About Legitimacy

How can anyone concentrate on school or work today? It's just too difficult. Here are some questions to mull over while you resist the urge to hop on a Southwest flight to Florida.

- How many home runs will Barry Bonds hit this year?

- How many home runs will Jason Giambi hit this year?

- How will the answers to the previous 2 questions affect the debate over the legitimacy of power records set in the past few years?

- How will the crowd react when Bonds hits home run #715? Roaring approval? Polite applause? Boos? Silence? (I sure hope he hits this one on the road).

- How many players will fail drug tests this year and be publicly identified as steroid users?


  • Your last question brings up something that has bothered me since baseball released its new steroid policy. Most agreed that it was way too lenient, since it takes multiple positive tests to see a suspension of any real length. However, wouldn't the bigger impact be felt on the player's perceived reputation and future contract negotiations? Think Giambi would've received that contract from the Yankees if he had failed 2 tests for steroids?

    By Anonymous dodgerblue, at 2/18/2005 04:03:00 PM  

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