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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Watch Out, Luis

If I may momentarily divert from the Plaschke theme, I'd like to point readers to John Sickels' new site, Minor League Ball. Sickels, formerly of's "Down on the Farm" column, looks like he'll have some good content--he's already begun rating prospects and producing good analysis (he has yet to really discuss Dodger prospects, though). The Great Dodger Hope, Joel Guzman, has come up briefly--a reader posited that Guzman might be very overrated, to which Sickels responded: "can't [agree with] Guzman, he looks like a real stud to me."

Yeah, that's pretty cursory analysis, but it should please Dodger fans praying that Joel comes through and tops Traffic's Luis as the world's most famous Guzman.


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