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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

2005 Baseball Prospectus

I'm not sure how far behind on the times I am, but this afternoon I picked up a copy of the recently-released 2005 Baseball Prospectus. It's loaded with stats and analysis I have yet to dive into. I did devour the piece on the Dodgers, however, and it's very pro-DePodesta (though it questions the Lowe signing) and predicts long-term division success. Here's the introductory paragraph:

"Sound the alarm. Dance around naked. The Dodgers have a talent base on the field, a talent base in the front office, and a resource base from which to draw cash. They're about to embark on a run similar to that decade enjoyed by Atlanta since the early 90s, and the rest of the division is going to have to come up with a perfect plan and execute it well if they want to keep up."


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