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Monday, March 14, 2005


Rule 1 Of Blogging: All blogs are about blogging, regardless of what they are about.

The 600-page report also finds that the traditional "journalism of verification" — in which reporters check facts — is ceding ground to a new "journalism of assertion," in which information is offered on radio and cable talk shows and via Internet bloggers, with little or no attempt to verify the facts.

Yes, this is the fault of radio and cable talk shows and bloggers. Clearly. (Full Disclosure: USA Today does quote Robert Lichter, who states that "Journalistic arrogance is coming home to roost." As my favorite writer would say..."Coming home to roost, indeed.").

These media have become popular because they are indistinguishable from the Old Journalism Hacks who sit and give "State of the Media" addresses like Yertle the Turtle, kings of all that they see.

Or here's this laugher:

The problem is that most news consumers don't realize that mainstream media reporters work within strict policies and guidelines that these other outlets don't require.

You stupid blog reader you. Did you know that I don't have 27 $30,000 a year factcheckers (as much good as that does the Times, for example)? I don't send my entries to an Executive Editor, or even a Law Review Editor. I know you're all stunned to find that it's just lonely little old me, writing this while the kids watch the animated version of "The King and I" for the 100th time this week.

Memo to Old Journalism Hacks: The smart, bright-eyed, and interested are bored with your navel-gazing, self-righteous, pompous hackery. When even T.J. Simers carries on and on about "credibility," one can only imagine what the really self-absorbed must believe. OJH, you're not only losing a big chunk of your demographic, but you're losing a demographic that is politically aware, motivated by the free flow of information and opinion, and not afraid to challenge the establishment. Who wants to write the magazine article in the Atlantic parallelling Dan Rather and Richard Nixon? It's the obvious comparison. We become that which we hate. (yes, I take that as a cautionary note myself, lest I start hoping to see Jose Flores pinch-bunt at Coors Field)

Old Journalism Hack that embraces freedom will thrive. Old Journalism Hack who prattles on absurdly about the "journalism of assertion" will find his target audience -- local TV news directors (HA! Now there's a conscientious bunch of news gatherers) -- and virtually no one else.

UPDATE: Why no baseball here lately? Jon is right on the money.


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