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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Giving Credit

I wanted to let it develop a bit before bringing it up, but Steve Henson is beginning to be a bright spot in an otherwise dreary landscape. Witness this sentence from today's article:

More than one cutting-edge statistical formula that attempts to measure defensive prowess has concluded that Kent is at least as good as the flashier Cora.

That is nothing less than revolutionary, and a big break from his colleagues, who alternatively think that "Dodger math" makes Cora better than Kent, or that Cora and Kent are "break even." The Times has neither the time nor the space to discuss any of these measures in depth; it is enough to acknowledge their existence and send the truth-seeker out to find them. Over the past week, Henson has stayed out of his own way and continues to build credibility. And what else can you ask for?


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