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Sunday, March 27, 2005

Odds And Ends

1) Ironic that Plaschke ripped people who root for Louisville, because that's who I'm rooting for this week.

2) Speaking of things that have nothing to do with baseball, the L.A. Times' "Outside the Tent" feature, which I've been following with interest since it began, was hi-jacked by KFI's John Ziegler, and Sunday Opinion Editor Bob Sipchen refused to run it.

Sipchen got it right, and for the right reasons. Long time readers know my political bent -- they also know I have little tolerance for tomfoolery and hackery. What talk show radio hosts do is not news, and Ziegler's effort to make it "news" was a similar, albeit, reverse corruption to the Times' annoying habit of dressing up opinion as "news." Credit also goes to the Times for running the piece on the Internet, where it will be as easily obtained as it would have been in print. No one is being censored, and the newspaper gets to keep its editorial right to publish lame advertisements for John Kerry on its editorial page, not KFI.

In short, the obvious purpose of the piece is self-promotion, not education. Like virtually all of talk radio. The "Outside the Tent" feature has been important and interesting in its first couple of months. By not running this piece, Sipchen saved the credibility of the forum over the long run. That bespeaks well of him, because he could have used this piece as an excellent excuse to kill the idea altogether. Something that I suspect would not be unpopular at some corners of the Times, just by nature.

Who do I listen to? Jim Rome, Phil Hendrie. The end.

Right now, the internet "poll," is running 50-50 -- that will likely change to about 90-10 when KFI goes on the air in Drive Time tomorrow. But remember, the poll to keep Alex Cora was 90-10 too.

Now, if you want to know what's wrong with the Sports page, Mr. Sipchen...


UPDATE: By the way, that supposedly subtle difference between the "facts" and the "truth" Ziegler tries to open with? If I've heard one liberal come at me with that jazz, I've heard a thousand.

Sorry, back to baseball.


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