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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

The Other March Madness

Perhaps the only sporting event besides the entire baseball season that quite interests me as much is the March Madness. I love me some March Madness. One reason is that I like me some particularly absurd arguments that come up every year concerning which teams should be in, and which teams should be out. Take Notre Dame (please!), a team that Digger Phelps was trying to sell me today. 17-11 with victories over mighty Harvard (Fight Fiercely, Harvard!), IPFW, Charlotte Southern, Army, Marist, Western Illinois, and Samford -- then add in tonight's first round Big East loss to 9-18 Rutgers (?!). How does this team even sniff the NCAA playoffs? I don't give a rip that they beat in conference schools at home. All tournament teams do that, and so do many non-tournament teams (Virginia Tech? This must be some sort of bad joke.) If you want to be in the tournament, you beat UCLA at home, much less RUTGERS.

No soup for you.

UPDATE: Yes, I know Jamie Moyer's Pop-in-Law can't check his homerism at the door. But that's one reason I likes me some March Madness. It again affords me a chance to be smarter than people who get paid to be on television.

UPDATE 2: Just saw Digger again. He didn't even bring up Notre Dame. And it amused me.


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