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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Perez Cleared to Start

After scaring us earlier this spring with biceps tendenitis, Odalis Perez has been cleared to start the second game of the season. I'll admit that I wanted to shove Perez on a Greyhound bound for Pittsburgh after his two abysmal performances in the NLDS, but now that I've had an offseason to reflect on it, I think resigning him was one of DePodesta's better offseason moves (especially considering the alternatives). With the Dodgers facing a season full of questions, Perez seems to provide one of the few certainties this club can rely on: an effective lefty who should gobble up a lot of innings and give them a chance to win every time he steps out there.

P.S. Erickson will be the team's fifth starter and Dessens looks to be penciled in for game 4. I doubt I'll be able to tolerate Dessens as a starter (and, well, reliever) past the end of the month.


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