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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Se Han Vuelto Locos

Completely non-sports related, but in case you hadn't heard, on Friday the LA Times Editorial Board suggested that U2's lead singer, Bono, be selected to head up the World Bank.

I kid you not.

This is probably the equivalent of Bill Plaschke arguing that Wilson Alvarez should be the Dodgers' starting center fielder.

UPDATE: Steve here. As long as we're off the subject, this on the same day that Zogby reports a poll about a fictional election (et tu, Dan Quayle?), and scientists discover that NFL players are fat. Of the three absurdities, the NFL "study" is probably the worst, since it was funded by the taxpayers of North Carolina. In fact, compared to these other two, the Times may look well-grounded and reasonable by comparison.


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