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Saturday, March 19, 2005

Tournament Day 3 Cont.

Are you kidding me?

West Virginia deserves mega-congratulations for hanging with and beating Wake Forest over two overtimes. They were helped in the first overtime by a terrible charging call against Chris Paul. The defensive player had nothing close to defensive position, and Paul actually made the shot, but we make our own breaks.

The importance of coaching was apparent in the Utah/Oklahoma game, where Utah exploited Oklahoma's strategy of surrounding Andrew Bogut with four guys by having Bogut find the guy standing under the basket for an easy layup or dunk. Very complicated. As the game went on, and Bogut was picking up assist after assist, Oklahoma made no strategic changes, continuing to get abused by Bogut in the high post. Utah's rookie coach deserves much credit.

Milwaukee, meanwhile, justified my confidence in them.


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