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Saturday, March 19, 2005

Tournament Day #3

Oh, the joys of having an Indian Law Outline to do on Tournament Day.

First request: Would someone please alert Gonzaga that the shot clock is more than four seconds long? It appears that those Stanford guys snuck into the locker room at halftime, massacred Gonzaga's starting five, and inserted themselves into the game.

UPDATE: What was the over/under for "Stupid outlet passes turned into easy Texas Tech baskets?" I suppose no one is immune from utter panic.

UPDATE 2: First team to beat Texas Tech might be the one that figures out to keep a guy on that Ross kid.

UPDATE 3: Panic begets losing. So long Zags. By the way, analyst pointed out on the last Gonzaga basket, a "2 wasn't helpful." ummm...neither was a 3.

UPDATE 4: Is that Tim Brando trying to pronounce Pacific's starting lineup? Yikes.


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