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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Tournament Update

Is Gonzaga even awake? Geez. So glad I have them beating Wake Forest.

Assuming that they hold on, 11 of 12 so far, with only Cincinnati, a team so icky I can't bear to pick them as my blemish. Pacific beating Pitt was like free money (if you do that sort of thing) -- they are a five seed only dropped to an eight because they lost a Utah St. team that led Arizona at halftime. Pitt is a mid-level team in the same conference as Notre Dame. There was a big, flashing neon sign over Milwaukee saying "WE ARE THE 12 SEED CINDERELLA." They will beat BC on Saturday. Texas might have beaten Nevada once out of 10 times -- it wasn't this time, even though Nevada was playing at Gonzaga speed. Of course, my nightly slumber rests on...UCLA?...the team I've been accused of having a vendetta against. Having been faced with two competing Steve's rules of First Weekend Picking ("Always pick against PAC-10 schools with seeds lower than 3...and sometimes 3s" and "Pick against any Bobby Knight team post-1995"), I decided to go with UCLA, mostly because they will not be as tired as the Tech team, which played three games last week AND have to deal with Knight all year. We'll see. Tivo tells me that now that we have the Utah games out of the way, our main game is the aforementioned.
UPDATE: "I just don't know if you need that shot right there...." Yeah, you think? Creighton. My last hope to avoid a complete wipeout.

UPDATE: UCLA. (Crickets chirping) Good luck next year, folks. I guess.

Meanwhile, Creighton/W.V. finally gave us the ending this day needed.

And those hearings everyone's talking about? I don't think I've ever seen Congress so committed to anything. Who cares what any of us think? The steroid issue is yesterday's news.


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