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Saturday, March 12, 2005


Iowa (7-9 in the Big Ten!), UCLA, Notre Dame, UAB, DePaul, Buffalo (?), Maryland, Indiana (Please -- ed.), Northern Iowa, North Carolina State (beating Wake without Chris Paul...uh-huh...Wake without Chris Paul is North Carolina State), the other Miami. Yuck. Not even to mention the underwhelmers like Texas, Stanford, and Iowa State. How can I be looking at Holy Cross going -- you know, that might not be a bad idea. Has there ever been this long a list of undeserving teams -- so long that a team with an overly mediocre resume like UCLA is considered a lock? Last year, the 66th team (and therefore, as you may have figured out -- the #1 team invited to the NIT) was a NATIONALLY RANKED Utah State team.

Result: Bad basketball -- lots of DePaul/Dayton-like matchups (How about a UCLA/Maryland 8-9 game? Combined 66 turnovers, and 16-74 3 point shooting. Final score 51-48. Six foul shots taken the entire game.) Hopefully, the smaller schools who get underseeded (again) will take care of business and we'll be back on track by the weekend.


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