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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Anything Going On Today I Should Know About?

This is likely to be more like -- slightly delayed blogging.

Pre-game --

2:05 PM -- A stealth bomber? That didn't suck.

2:09 PM -- Am I getting chills? Yes I am.

First Inning --

2:14 PM -- I knew we would win before I even typed this in. :) (Hat tip: Volokh)

2:15 PM -- Nakamura to start! No Choi. No Valentin. No problem? First pitch strike means we win the division right?

2:18 PM - If you're going to hit him, make it hurt please.

2:20 PM - Remember all those games where we would give up four runs in the first inning last year, then come back and win? Remember those.

2:24 PM - Ugly hanging breaker to Feliz. Nasty.

2:25 PM - Hey, nice sportsmanship there by Torrealba. Give the man some credit there.

2:26 PM - High fastball. Might as well have put it on a tee. Too early to hang that Cy on Weaver quite yet.

2:28 PM - Oh oh! Here come the "Why didn't Perez Pitch" Police!

2:29 PM -- Remember ten minutes ago, when I reminded you about all those games where we gave up four runs in the first inning and we would win the game last year? Remember that.

2:31 PM - Baseball is far more enjoyable when you can tell a pitcher has nothing after the first three batters, and you can adjust your expectations quickly as a result.

2:32 PM - I must have missed the part in "Baseball Strategy 101" where you throw the banjo-hitting catcher an 0-2 offspeed pitch over the plate.

2:33 PM - Weaver, it worked out, but you've already given up five runs, I'm not sure that lead runner is really all that important compared to getting the out.

2:38 PM - Repko looked kind of gawky in left field. No judgment about his defense. Just has a strange gait.

2:39 PM - Patience. Patience. Patience.

2:39 PM - REPKO! Goes without saying -- that had to happen.

2:41 PM - Patience. Patience. I want to see full counts.

2:42 PM - Why does Vizquel make every easy play look hard? Just an observation.

2:43 PM - Bradley, on a 2-0 count, swings on garbage ball 3 and pops it up. What is the big hurry? Kirk Reuter is going to strike you out? Reuter would rather walk you than give you a 2-0 pitch to hit. Come on, guys.

Second Inning

2:50 PM - Can Weaver make it through four innings? He didn't fool Vizquel either -- he came about eight feet from the foul pole of a home run.

2:51 PM - Dead center is right. Just a long out, everybody.

2:52 PM - Please tell me how Weaver got out of that inning. And why in the world wouldn't Tracy have anyone warming up? They only get up AFTER Feliz flies to the wall in dead center and Grissom misses a home run by two feet? I mean, I'm no big fan of the bullpen, but how much worse could the bullpen do at this point?

2:57 PM - Nakamura's swing is violent. Guys like Reuter I'll bet he eats for lunch. Probably not much good against a Prior or a Schmidt.

2:58 PM - Just like last year. Look -- I don't know about Jeff Weaver, but DePodesta has created a team that can overcome five run deficits -- hasn't this been proved about 3,000 times over? Is that something you could say two years ago?

3:02 PM - Weaver for one more inning? Well, I guess it's the bottom of the order.

Third Inning

3:06 PM - Matheny. Never met a 75 mph hanging breaking ball he couldn't loop into the outfield somewhere.

3:07 PM - Durham knows he missed that one. Whoa. Sometimes I pull out like that too when Lauren is throwing the Whiffle ball

3:09 PM - 3-2 pitch to Durham was the best pitch Weaver has thrown so far. Slightly inside but hard not to swing at.

3:12 PM - What a lovely pirouette by Vizquel. Bill Plaschke just had dirty thoughts.

3:15 PM - Yank Weaver? For who? Buddy Carlyle? If Wilson was around, this would be his spot, but he ain't. Hard to criticize Tracy for a coin flip, though he ought to probably have someone warmed up, you know, just in case.

Fourth Inning

3:16 PM - WHAT WAS THAT! Vizquel sat there on the 2-1 curveball -- he waited forever before fouling it off. So come in with some heat, dude! He's sitting on your off-speed nonsense. Instead, cheap breaking ball lined into right for an inevitable base hit. Not. Smart.

3:20 PM - I am worried about Weaver at this point. All he has is a 70 mph curveball, and that's all they're looking for, and that's still all he's throwing anyway.

3:21 PM - Yank him.

3:23 PM - That's on Tracy.

3:32 PM - I'm all for lengthening Weaver's leash, but with two on and nobody out, after that Vizquel embarrassment and hitting Snow, Weaver goes against the Giants cleanup hitter. Come on, Tracy! Give your team a chance to win for once without making them come from five runs back.

3:36 How many 2-1 and 3-1 pitches can you beat into the ground for outs? Plenty I guess.

I'm going to go profitably spend the rest of this time with my children and my Trusts Outline now. If Tracy doesn't care to win this game, neither do I.


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