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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

A Double Play!

Gee, I thought we weren't going to get any of those.

8:57: And make sure not to mention that play by Valentin either.

9:28: The Giants' announcers won't do it, so will somebody at the L.A. Times PLLEEEAASSEEE point out how stupid Kirk Reuter is?

9:33: Unbelieveable. No swing. No location. Strike 3. Take it from me. All I've done is watch baseball for three days. The Umpiring is very bad all over. Almost universal. Must be an April thing.

9:37: Perez may leave now. What the hell is going on with Vizquel? Here we've been ripping on that contract for six months, but our pitchers sure can't do anything but float him 85 mph pitches and walk him on four pitches.

9:39: Looked like a ball to me. By the way, how many first pitch strikes has Perez had tonight? Three? How are we still winning?

9:43: The Giants get productive outs, God bless 'em.

9:44: A non-productive out. Buster Olney should be writing that in his little black book.

9:46 I guess that 80 pitch count wasn't so hard. The first swing was close. That one was easy.

9:47: There is no way in Hell Alex Cora would have made that play. No. Way.

See how easy that is? Just assert it, and it's true!

Now we see the bullpen.

9:51: The Giants have the worst defense in the league. Look at that play! And the scorer gives Kent a hit.

And Grissom what was that? Steve Finley would have had that in a heartbeat. Get some gloves out there! Did you leave them in the dugout?

9:55: Paul LoDuca would have tried to pull that pitch on the outside corner.

10:03: Good night Alfonso. Would you pick up the damn ball? (The Valentin homer, I think you will see, I covered.)

10:22: Throw the ball, Vizquel. You girl.

11:04: Everyone was so worried about Torcato dropping the ball, they didn't even worry about Jason Phillips getting robbed blind of a homerun. Fair ball, guys.


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