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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Everyday is (Not) Like Sunday

She almost broke my spirit in the seventh inning. After Jeff Kent hit into a double play to waste a bases-loaded one-out opportunity, I thought Lady Luck had travelled with us from Arizona to once again ruin a perfectly fine offensive performance.

But alas, I think (and hope) she left after that inning, probably to go haunt some poor fellow on his way to Vegas. When Kent came up in the bottom of ninth--once again with the bases loaded, and once again representing the go-ahead run--he made good use of his ballyhooed veteran experience and drew a walk from Giants closer Armando Benitez. What followed almost seemed predetermined. Milton Bradley comes through, Jason Ellison spikes the ball in frustration, and Steve calls me singing/screaming "I Love LA."

How about that offense? Down 5-0 and 8-3, the Dodgers offensive machine never quit churning--it kept putting men on base, just like the engineer wanted it to. No one but Cesar Izturis had more than 1 hit, but with a well-distributed ten hits (by eight players) and four walks (two Drew's, two Kent's), Dodger math worked itself out. The team is hitting .279/.355/.438, significantly improved over last year's team line of .262/.332/.423 (sample size problems duly noted). Milton Bradley might have said it best during the post-game show: "Don't worry about Beltre and LoDuca. I wish them well, but the bunch we've got here is just fine."

I didn't think our injury-plagued bullpen had a chance to clean up the mess Jeff Weaver made, but they somehow held the Giants scoreless through six innings. Though Giovanni Carrara looked shaky, Buddy Carlyle and D.J. Houlton made better impressions this time around. Houlton, it should be noted, has yet to give up a walk in 3.1 innings of work.

While Jason Repko may be making all the noise with two home runs, the other leftfielder--Ricky Ledee--has quietly put up some nice numbers off the bench. In 10 at-bats, he's hitting (believe it or not) .500/.800/1.300. Jason Phillips continues to impress me, producing hits in five of the six games he has started. It may be difficult for Dodger fans to spot Phillips' production--we've probably forgotten what a productive catcher looks like.

A great, great game. Can't wait to see how Plaschke responds to the "magical," "gutsy," and "never-say-die" performances this team has put up. Hopefully Plaschke publishes his next column soon; I'm starting to think he got lost hiking up Angeles Crest. Or maybe he and Tim Brown are still giving that rubdown to Arte Moreno.


  • well, i'm just stunned. i left work at 3:30 to go to my son's t-ball game. dodgers down 8-4 or something like that...8th inning it was. driving home with my carpool partner who has XM radio but is not a baseball fan. should have asked him to turn the game on...i was thinking "no they won't...yes, they they won't". damn, should have turned it on.

    i think Plaschke hasn't done a column because he's got nothing to write about. and for damn sure he doesn't get to share in any of the fun we're having. but sure would be nice if they'd win one going away. rgds, will

    By Blogger walbers, at 4/12/2005 07:57:00 PM  

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