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Sunday, April 03, 2005

FJT Opening Day Preview!


How am I supposed to know? I mean, I know everybody's got it all worked out, but we (and when I say we, I include me) had it all worked out last year, and that worked out all right.

So my predictions: Everyone will be wrong. Including me.

All right. One prediction: The D-Backs are going to be worse than you think, no matter how bad you think they are going to be. Russ Ortiz is going to be toast by May. The bullpen is already toast. The lineup is decent, but wildly overrated by the mainstream media and Shawn Green groupies.

Now, on to pertinent business.

As everyone by now knows, I am flummoxed by Jim Tracy's good reviews. At this point, they have become the token compliment to be paid along with the typical conclusion that the Dodgers will be a mediocre third or fourth place team. This will no doubt get worse if the Dodgers outstrip the expectations of the mainstream media again.


If this team starts 3-7, or even 7-8, this team is going to be buried under an avalanche of bad press never seen west of the Hudson River. Jim Tracy will be the least of our worries.

So here's my anti-Plaschkers pledge: I'm going to let things develop before calling down fire and brimstone this year. It's a new team, new personnel, and maybe, just maybe, the bunting at Coors Field with the fifth second baseman on the depth chart will come to an end.

All right. One demand. Leave Choi the hell alone for a while. Like, until June at least. If all he can do is draw a walk and have an .OBP of 375, then bat him leadoff. Harold Reynolds is an idiot anyway. Let me tell you something, Tracy. Scott Podsednik is not walking through that door. Roger Cedeno is not walking through that door.

So when the season starts, my interest is still in the manager, but my hope is that he will prove me wrong as the team proves Plaschke wrong.

And speaking of managers, why is everyone touting Willie Randolph as Manager of the Year when apparently his first two managerial acts were 1) batting Kaz Matsui second and David Wright eighth, something close to a firing offense before his team ever takes the field and 2) comparing Kaz Ishii to Barry Zito? I can't imagine what he'll do for an encore. Move Beltran to left and restore Mike Cameron to center, I suppose.

So can we just play ball already?


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