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Monday, April 04, 2005

Great Day All Around

First the baseball, then the basketball. Random observations:

1) How could two teams live down to their expectations as perfectly as the Mets and the D-Backs today? Could you have written a script any better than that?

2) They laughed at me when I took Adam Dunn in the Third Round of the Fantasy Draft. They will pay for their crimes.

3) They also laughed at me when I took Pedro Martinez. They will pay for their crimes.

4) How about a 1-0 game to open the season at U.S. Cellular? That made a lot of sense. Should have seen that coming from a mile away. At least the White Sox's 1.

5) There was nothing to be learned in today's Tigers-Royals game. Don't go crazy.

6) Except that Lima Time has no Daylight Savings. On the heels of a 7+ ERA Spring, that is yet another DePodesta move Bill Plaschke will never acknowledge the correctness of.

7) Pittsburgh, meet Washington. Washington, meet Pittsburgh.

8) Richie Sexson asked me politely to shut the hell up. Yes sir.

9) Dumb analysts are a plague on the land. Why they ask for internal consistency from Paul DePodesta when they contradict themselves every third batter, I do not understand.

10) I just realized that since we're playing in San Francisco, I get the San Francisco guys on my Dish. Damn. I want to hear Steiner for myself.

And then the basketball. Usually, to say that a losing team played like champions is meaningless, but it was true tonight. Falling way behind, rather than panicking a la Gonzaga or Louisville (on Saturday), Illinois worked their way back taking good shots and playing their team game. It came down to one missed open three. It happens.

With Louisville tanking on Saturday, I finished second in one pool, and T-3 in the other. 43 games correct. So there's that. I suspect Plaschke wrote that column three weeks ago because if he knows as much about college basketball as he does about baseball, he's last place in the pool every year.

I'm going to try to live-blog Opening Day tomorrow, but I'm sure I'll also be working on a Plaschke rebuttal. And my Simers Mad Lib nears completion. Screw finals.


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