Fire Jim Tracy

Wednesday, April 13, 2005


Brett Tomko forgets that the book on Choi is high and tight. Tomko pays. Jeff Kent adds a 400 foot bomb two batters later after J.D. Drew draws yet another walk. Tomko has thrown 65 pitches. This team looks very, very solid so far.

UPDATE: Bako doubles in a run. I'm going to institute the "Dodger of the Day." I will think terrible things about him all day, and he will go three-for-four. We'll never lose again.

UPDATE 2: With Bako on third and one out, Izturis and Choi both ground out. Haskins 1, Plaschke 1.

UPDATE 3: J.D. Drew yet again in right field. Bill Plaschke was right, way back eight weeks before the season started, when he was drawing conclusions regarding our defense.

UPDATE 4: Jeff Kent just barely got under one. Very, very close.

UPDATE 5: Weaver, take notes. If they're looking for breaking balls, throw a fastball.

UPDATE 6: DODGERS WIN! When do WE get to play Colorado?


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