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Monday, April 25, 2005

It's All Fun And Games Until Someone Loses A Game

Jim Tracy's fascination with pitchers hitting is reaching levels of absurdity I did not believe fathomable. When you're having trouble scoring runs on any given night, normally it doesn't help to give away outs. It's not like our bullpen is the Yankees' bullpen. And it's not like Derek Lowe was Elliot Ness. As the D-Backs again proved after Tracy wasted another inning. If you're not going to use the pitchers, then let's end this farce and carry ten.

Meanwhile, Tracy brings in Olmedo Saenz to hit for Hee Seop Choi facing Vazquez in the eighth. Huh? Saenz is 4 for 8 against righties this year so far, but otherwise is the very definition of a one-dimensional hitter.

2004 v. RHP -- .571 OPS
2004 v. LHP -- 1.057 OPS

And this is what I've been saying about Tracy all along. The man obsesses about righty/lefty splits for three years, then brings in the right-handed pinch-hitter to face Vazquez. Seemingly at random. "Putting his players in position to succeed" or whatever snake oil Ryne Sandberg is trying to sell in his effort not to give any credit to the players on the field. In the eighth inning, there must have been guys up in the bullpen. Put Choi up and make whatever idiot is now managing the D-Backs bring in some lame left-handed reliever or risk the howls of the masses for pulling Vazquez one batter too late. Then you have Choi against Vazquez or Saenz against random left-handed bad relief pitcher. Either of which is better than .571 OPS Against RHP man going up against an RHP.


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