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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

L.A. Times Rundown

Nice to see Tim Brown coming around:

February 15, 2005

General Manager Paul DePodesta went for pitching over all else, including, some say, his sanity, leaving the Dodgers short on infield defense and offense. They lost both when Beltre ran off to Seattle, and broke even when Kent signed early in free agency and replaced Alex Cora.

April 12, 2005

Kent's Steady Hand Just What They Need

So far, seven games and five victories into the season, it has meant a .407 batter, a guy who has caught every ball hit at him and a few that weren't, and in his first real game in Dodger whites scored the winning run from first base with two out in the ninth inning.

Jeff Kent is good! Boy, glad we got that straightened out! Thanks, Tim!

And if Jamie McCourt really was doing "anything to get away from Page 2," that would summarize the feelings of a lot of Dodger fans.

Bill Plaschke was last seen begging for nickels and telling people he "used ta be" a sportswriter on the Chicago El trains.


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