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Monday, April 11, 2005

Looking at Lowe

Jon Weisman gives us some of that meaty "meaningful analysis" I told you would come as the season progressed. It's still way too early, however, to pinpoint the specific strengths and weaknesses of this club. We probably can't get a clear picture until Brad Penny, Eric Gagne, and Wilzon Alvarez come back and pitch a few times. Jayson Werth might want to chime in on the discussion as well.

Jon suggests that Derek Lowe's clean-looking 3.18 ERA might be painting a generous picture of how Lowe has pitched this year, but I'm not sure I agree. In fact, I think that Lowe's numbers for yesterday's game don't tell the whole story of how well he pitched.

Lowe pitched 4.1 innings yesterday. During that stretch he gave up 12 groundballs and 3 fly balls (including Glaus' solo shot). He also gave up 1 walk while striking out 3. Of those 12 ground balls, one was a grounder (Quinten McCracken's) down the third base line that turned into a double. Another was future-California-Lotto-winner Russ Ortiz's bunt that went 4 feet and managed to stay fair. And yet another was a groundball that Izturis misplayed for an error.

So officially, Derek Lowe gave up 4 hits and 1 walk through 4.1 IP. That's not bad, especially considering the fluke nature of a couple of those hits. Sure, Glaus hit a bomb off him, but I'm fine with solo shots as long as Dodger pitchers don't start walking the guys in front of hitters like Glaus--that's when the real trouble starts. He gave up 3 runs--2 earned--though it easily could have been 1 run if Izturis doesn't misplay Snyder's grounder and keno champion Ortiz's bunt doesn't stay fair.

To my eye, Lowe looked pretty sharp yesterday: he kept the ball down and kept the infield defense busy, as promised. I'm glad The Elbow is going to be okay--must be some of that left over magic from last year's postseason.

Let's keep our eye on Lowe. If he can keep his walk totals down (like he did yesterday), we might--fingers crossed--be able to catch a glimpse of 2002, just like Boston fans did during last year's postseason.

Unfortunately, I don't think Barry Zito and the Oakland A's can say the same.


  • Craig Counsell is hitting .381. I didn't know where else to convey this information, so here it is.

    By Blogger Steve, at 4/11/2005 08:00:00 PM  

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