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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

The Plaschke Indignation Scale

In honor of Bill Plaschke's piece today regarding the new seats at Dodger Stadium, to be filed under "Things that will never affect you or me, because we're smart enough to know that the best seats in the stadium are behind home plate in the loge section anyway" we present the Bill Plaschke Indignation Scale. Ten is, self-evidently, the highest.

10 -- Paul DePodesta trading Paul LoDuca
9 -- The Dodgers on a three game winning streak
8 -- Milton Bradley throwing a plastic bottle at pavement
7 -- Parents who yell at kids playing Little League Baseball
6 -- Loud music between innings
5 -- Kids who yell at other kids playing Little League Baseball
4 -- Obstructed view seats at Dodger Stadium
3 -- Weird statistics
2 -- People who refuse to call Arte Moreno "Boss"
1 -- Kids who kill other kids with baseball bats


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