Fire Jim Tracy

Sunday, April 24, 2005


Assuming we lose this game (and I've seen no evidence so far that we might win it), some gut-check will be in order. Make no bones about it; we got swept by the worst team in the National League. Even if we come back and win Sunday's game, we squeaked one game out against the worst team in the National League. Sure, our manager cost us one. But unlike a sweep at the hands of, say, the Cardinals or even the Mets, a sweep by the worst team in the National League has to make you sit up and take notice.

On the other hand, we would still be 12-6. We would still have the lead in the National League West, over a bunch of teams that have significant question marks of their own. We have an offense that can get on base, and that hasn't much changed. Nine hits on Friday, and we all know what happened Saturday. Were we as good a team as our eight-game winning streak suggested. No, of course not. Scott Erickson won a game. Are we as bad as we played in Colorado? No, of course not. We are simply a team that is going to be competitive over the long haul of a 162 game season.

Meanwhile, maybe I'll stop hearing all that meaninglessly embarrassing tripe about "Jim Tracy getting the most out of his players" nonsense. So there might be a silver lining to this cloud anyway.

UPDATE: BYUNG-HYUN KIM! Maybe I wrote too soon (we have to go to Grandma's house soon)

UPDATE: I wouldn't bring Byung-Hyun Kim into any game that had less than a 10-run spread one way or the other. I don't care what Colorado's bullpen looks like or who is in it.

UPDATE: I GET IT NOW! Rather than writing off one player, I have to write off the entire team! Got it!

By the way, 10 hits, all to center and right field. I have no idea what this means, but it seems interesting.

UPDATE: Never mind. We got one. Don't know how. Thank Byung-Hyun Kim, worst pitcher in the Majors, I guess.

UPDATE: Byung-Hyun Kim is 0-3 with a 9.64 ERA. Seems like they could find someone in their minor league system who could be at least that good. Or maybe not?


  • Game 1 can be explained mostly by fatigue I have to think. The Dodgers are the most patient team in basebal and they managed to let a walk machine toss a complete game. Given Weaver's start, it might not have mattered though, hard to say. Anyway, I'd see game 1 as "these things will happen."

    Game 2 was the result of us having a terrible manager. Luckily manager's aren't that important in the long run (at least until the playoffs, where the damage they can do is significant).

    By Anonymous Aaeamdar, at 4/24/2005 04:00:00 PM  

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