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Monday, April 18, 2005

Steve Phillips -- Still An Idiot

From Idiot Central:

Matt (Pawling, New York): Steve, many of the baseball pundits were
extremely hard on Dodgers' GM Paul DePodesta about the moves he made
last year and over the winter. I know it's early, but with the Blue off
to a 9-2 start, aren't some of those pundits looking a little foolish?

SportsNation Steve Phillips: (12:26 PM ET ) Well, that would include
myself! I was very hard on the Dodgers offseason. My view is they have
far less defense than a year ago, slightly less offense, and their
pitching wasn't nearly as good as they thought it was with the losses of
Mota and Dreifort. So far the Dodgers offense has been on fire and has
covered up the other deficiences. They are averaging close to 7 runs a
game which is almost 1 full run more than the next closest team. The
season is 26 weeks long and we are only 2 weeks into it. Typically track
recoreds prevail. I still think the Dodgers are a third or fourth place
team in the NL West.

Yes, Steve, that would include yourself. Your problem is that you look a lot foolish. Name two obviously better teams (two weeks in, you know, it's early yet) in the National League West. The swept by Washington D-Backs (who now get to climb Mt. Colorado again)? The barely hit the ball out of the infield Padres? The Bonds-Alouless, pitching rotation led by Brett Tomko and Kirk Reuter Giants? That other team that I'm not even going to mention?

TRACK RECORDS PREVAIL?!??!! Show me Kirk Reuter's "track record." Show me Shawn Burroughs' track record. For God sakes, please don't show me Shawn Green's track record. I already know it. But while you're at it, show me the D-Backs' bullpen track record. Or Matt Herges' track record. Or Barry Bonds' non-juiced track record.

The simple fact is that all of this is absurd. The Dodgers may very well finish in third place. But this acting like the Dodgers are the only team in the whole world with weaknesses is ridiculous. And nobody should know that more than Steve Phillips, who saddled his own team with most of theirs. Though of course, Omar Minaya was able to pull off Kaz Ishii for Jason Phillips all by himself. Congratulations, Mets fans. Are you still dancing over that one?

By the way, our pitching hasn't changed at all. We still have a guy who can throw 95 but chooses to die on Slider Hill, and around him a bunch of no-names who cost about 1/5 of Ugueth Urbina, but about three times more effective.


  • I posted this at the end of the Dodger Thoughts latest thread, but thought I'd repeat it here...

    Train Wreck Alert:

    Bill Plaschke will be on the McDonald-Douglas show today at 5:20 pm.

    By Anonymous Marty, at 4/19/2005 09:54:00 AM  

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