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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Things I Learned Today

1) Doubtest not thine own.

2) Steve Schmoll -- the poor man's Chad Bradford.

3) Can you believe that Chad Bradford is the rich man's anything? Thanks, WHIP!

4) Rex Hudler tried to explain WHIP to the listeners. He didn't seem too comfortable with it.

5) Dmitri Young is not going to hit 486 homeruns, no matter what Zach Withers thinks.

6) Closing is not for closers, Mr. Baldwin. It's for pitchers. Real live ones. Not Bob Wickman.

7) Tim Brown should never be allowed to write about the Angels again.

8) That's right. I'm talking to you firemikescioscia boy. Why you should blow sunshine up Arte Moreno's @$$ right there in the L.A. Times and expect us to believe you can tell us what's what in some sort of objective manner, you will have to explain to your readers sometime. Conclusion: The sports page has no standard of objectivity. Why?

9) Which leaves Steve Henson. Who I've said fifty times I like -- Jerry must not read my stuff anymore. If he writes about Kent's defense tomorrow.

10) Somebody please awaken Pittsburgh and tell them the season started.

11) Brad Wilkerson. Would not be surprised to see him in a Dodger uniform at some point.

12) Jose Valentin can switch hit. And funky-like.

13) Umpires need spring training.

14) Oh my. The Mets. The D-Backs stopped their bleeding with the help of the soon to be out of baseball Ryan Dempster. But the Mets...

15) That 75 million dollar Ordonez contract? Detroit may get out of it yet. Congratulations, guys!


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