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Sunday, April 17, 2005

Tim Brown -- Angel Executive

Tim Brown is rapidly hitting Plaschke-dom with his incessant use of the L.A. Times Sports Page as his own personal job application for the Executive V.P. -- Communications job with the Angels. Here, Tim lashes out at the Dodgers for putting a frog in Arte's backpack, or refusing to sign his yearbook, or calling him "Pizzaface" or some such thing:

The Dodgers need to get over themselves and list the Angels on their scoreboards as LAA. The refusal to recognize the franchise name — no matter how temporary — is petty. The flag flying over Yankee Stadium — there are 30, one for each team — calls them the Los Angeles Angels, which ought to be good enough for the Dodgers.

Well, I can't imagine why George Steinbrenner would want to curry favor with Arte Moreno, a big market owner with big pockets who might be a favorable vote on Yankee-approved labor, bargaining and ancillary issues. Or alternatively, I can't imagine why George Steinbrenner would care. On the other hand, the Angels were just clever enough to leave the "of Anaheim" in their name, and if the Dodgers call them that instead of "Los Angeles," well, Frank McCourt doesn't necessarily need to follow the Arte Moreno Death Squad's orders like the L.A. Times does. IS there a "the" in Staples Center again?

Now, we hate Tim Brown, and don't want him writing for the Times anymore. But he might have a family, and we certainly don't want them to starve just because Tim can't serve both the Angels and journalistic ethics at the same time. So, as a public service, and as a service to Mr. Brown himself, we present "Tim Brown's Los Angeles Angels Job Application Portfolio," a collection of items through the year that document the blind devotion that our favorite "analyst" has toward his favorite team, and the good job he would do as their own Ari Fleischer. Rather than having to expensively put together his press releases in a book, Mr. Brown can simply direct Mr. Moreno to this web site (and our soon-to-come successor web site) for documentation of his bona fides.

No need to thank us, Mr. Brown. You already did that when you misrepresented this site's purpose two weeks ago.


  • the insinuation that "whatever's good enough for the yankees ought to be good enough for the dodgers" is just plain stupid. maybe we should put some blue pinstripes on our uniforms too! if it's good enough for the almighty yankees...



    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4/17/2005 01:26:00 PM  

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