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Saturday, April 16, 2005

Tonight's Game

Scott Erickson v. Adam Eaton? Well, I wouldn't make us the favorites to sing the Plaschke Song tonight, but that's why they play the games. At least my Extra Innings is back.

UPDATE: J.D., welcome to RBI Land.

UPDATE 2: I like those 20 pitch first innings. Good stuff.

UPDATE 3: Remember what I said about Glenn Hoffman and his place on the bench? Yeah.

UPDATE 4: Erickson wobbles in the fourth, but gets out of it unscathed. Meanwhile, if there's one thing with this team I'm worried about, it's scoring runs.

UPDATE 5: I'll mention, in my defense, that the team coming into tonight had something like a .240 OBP against Eaton. But I forgot that this isn't the same team. :)

UPDATE 6: I believe that little gem by Jose deserves an early singing of the Plaschke song! Commence!


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