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Monday, April 18, 2005

Tonight's Game

Milwaukee's TV guys are almost as bad as Colorado. Meanwhile, we're writing off Jason Grabowski tonight. Get at 'em, Jason.

UPDATES: The Brewers guy just called Olmedo Saenz a "young kid" on deck.

UPDATE: Let's not tell them about Jason Repko. Let's just let him hit the ball.

UPDATE: If you are near a computer, and not paying attention to this game, it's time to start. Find a bar, find a radio station. I can't tell you why. Just do it.

UPDATE: Well, we can talk about it now. Odalis took a no-no to the seventh, then melted down. Wunsch just got Overbay to fly out with two runners on the eighth. 4-3 Dodgers as we head to the top of the ninth, and Izturis singles to lead off the inning.

UPDATE: Fantasy owners of those losers Vernon Wells and Andruw Jones (you know who you are). Drop those stiffs immediately and pick up Milton Bradley. Do not pass go. Do not pass $200.

UPDATE: Commence singing! Meanwhile, the Browns have a 1-0 lead at home against Seattle.


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