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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Tonight's Game

Erickson v. Eaton again? Well, last time I didn't think it would work out. I'm writing off Scott Erickson. Three hit shut-out to follow.

Choi plays today and bats second. Jason Grabowski gets the start, this time in left field and batting eighth. Jason Phillips starts at catcher.

UPDATE: No excuse, we lost (or probably will lose) this game. But that was a Greg Gibson-level embarrassment behind the plate. Terrible strike zone all night.

UPDATE 2: The power of the automatic write-off is waning. Equilibrium is being restored.

UPDATE 3: Elmer Dessens is not OK. Travelled back to L.A. for more tests. DJ Houlton starts Sunday if Penny doesn't go for afore-mentioned weather related reasons.

UPDATE 4: By the way, not likely to be much going on here tomorrow, even if Plaschke takes the chance to write about a Dodger loss (as if those were never going to happen). Try, somehow, to carry on without us. I suspect that you can.

UPDATE 5: The Angels get to experience the sweet, sweet joy of facing a really bad bullpen. Best feeling in the world. As with Plaschke-endorsed Cesar Izturis, I am trying very hard to remember that the friend of my enemy is not necessarily my enemy. The Angels, of course, did beat the Giants, for which we owe them our undying gratitude. Now if we can just get Scioscia to stop bunting...

UPDATE 6: By the way, K-Rod. I can not believe the crap guys swing at against him. Just nasty. I love watching him pitch.


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