Fire Jim Tracy

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Tonight's Game

Ugh. You know, we got some problems.

1) Our manager is still an idiot. He ran us out of a scoring opportunity, sending Cesar Izturis to get caught stealing, in the middle of a rally. No reason to run with the heart of the lineup coming up. Unless you want to keep that Team LOB down.

2) Jose Valentin is still Jose Valentin, no matter who signed him or what he hit the first week of the season. He needs to start hitting eighth, and Tracy needs to start getting over whatever problem he has with Antonio Perez playing third base.

3) Jason Phillips has decided that he is a first-ball hitter.

4) Scott Erickson got through five innings giving up just three runs. BARELY. And I mean....barrrrreeeeelllyyyy.

5) As much as they love to do it, the Dodgers simply cannot win starting down three to five runs in every game. The starting pitching has got to step up, stop walking the leadoff guy, stop giving up singles to the Royce Claytons of the world, and give us a chance to get the lead. And no, that has nothing to do with not signing Jose Lima.

On the other hand, other signs are still positive. I'm starting to buy Ricky Ledee stock. I'm having a hard time writing or believing this, but he may be the answer until Werth comes back. Grabowski, I had better not see in any more starting lineups. Choi went 4-5 with a home run, which should buy him another day and a half. Saenz had another single to start our aborted 9th inning rally (the final out came on a deflection off the pitcher). Bradley had a terrible at-bat in the eighth, but still is turning in professional at-bats most of the time. And this bullpen, which as a whole costs as much as Steve Kline himself, continues to impress. 13-7 after 20 games is not a bad place to be, though losing five out of the last six (and only just getting that one) is not the way one would want to get there.


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