Fire Jim Tracy

Saturday, April 16, 2005


What was the dumbest Dodgers letter in the LA Times today? This one's pretty easy, befitting a weekend.

HINT: Doug Brocail is making one meeeeellliiioonnnn dollars.

HINT 2: Kyle Farnsworth is making two meeeellliiiionnnnn dollars.

HINT 3: Steve Kline is making two and a half mmmeeeeeellllllliiiiiioooooonnnnnn dollars.

HINT 4: Ugueth Urbina is making FOUR meeeeeeellllliiiioooonnnnnnnn dollars.

Have you figured it out yet? Those are all the hints you are getting. It's too bad we couldn't hire the firm of Brocail, Farnsworth, Kline and Urbina for ten million dollars (which would have gotten us closer to the magic $100 million mark!), but some people will always be stupid enough to fall for the ugly purple hat.


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