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Sunday, April 10, 2005

Welcome to Derek Lowe World

Error, walk, garbage bunt, line drive up the middle.

Izturis's errors are ominous. I don't think those were in the computer when the season started.

UPDATE: Remember when Plaschke was carrying on and on about the Ross/Bako platoon behind home plate? And remember in the midst of one of my many Plaschke rebuttals, I made the point that no one had guaranteed there would even be a Ross/Bako platoon at home plate when the season actually started? Do you think Bill Plaschke will re-visit this issue? At the risk of sounding like Jim Tracy, "No, he will not."

UPDATE 2: It's our old friend O. Villareal again! The one that Paul Bako can hit. We'll see if Choi has been taking swings on the "Villareal machine."

UPDATE 3: Nope. And that's the inning. What to do about Choi? I don't know. How many at-bats do you give him? I don't know. Is this getting really ridiculous? Yes, it is.

UPDATE 4: Jerry, listening to the radio feed, says X-Rays on Lowe's elbow (hit by a line drive) are negative. This is probably old news to readers here, but we cover all bases.

Meanwhile, that wacky bullpen does it again. Credit to Sanchez for getting us out of it giving up only one -- but what a BIG one. Well, Drew, Kent, and Valentin are the guys you want coming up I suppose. Heaven knows Drew is due.

Come back soon Wilson.

UPDATE 5: Tough loss, though we had every chance to win. Twelve hits, numerous runners on the bases. The Sixth was pivotal, of course -- reminded me way too much of 2003. Regardless, a 4-2 road trip under the circumstances is nothing to nod at. Looking forward to Tuesday, when I won't be BLACKED OUT anymore.

UPDATE 6: So, does anyone lay odds on whether Plaschke's going to write...tomorrow? And let me guess -- he'll certainly write about that beating the Los Angeles Angels of Times took today.

UPDATE 7: Couldn't follow this game terribly closely. If anyone has any pro-Tracy or anti-Tracy stuff, please share.


  • why on earth would anybody ever throw shawn green anything but fastballs on the inner half of the plate?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4/10/2005 04:42:00 PM  

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