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Monday, April 11, 2005

You Make The Call -- Useless Or More Useless

Which point is more useless, yet unbelievably found in the pages of a major metropolitan newspaper:

1) Bill Plaschke's argument, several months back, that Shawn Green's 1999 walk year with the Toronto Blue Jays would lead to a great season in his 2005 walk year (a point later rendered moot when Green signed a two-year extension with the D-Backs anyway)


2) This from Bill Shaikin:

"Bonds joined the Giants in 1993. Their record without him in the lineup, entering this season: 92-81, according to ESPN. That translates into an 86-76 record over one season, certifiably competitive in the NL West."

I mean, he's kidding right. He really doesn't think that adding up all the games Barry Bonds hasn't played with the Giants since 1993 really can be translated to a season in 2005? Here's a list of players, for instance who Barry Bonds played with in 1996:

Matt Williams
Glenallen Hill
Stan Javier
Marvin Benard
Steve Scarsone
Tom Lampkin
Dave McCarty
Mark Carreon
Kirt Manwaring
Robby Thompson

Bonds appears to have missed four games that year. I'm sorry, I don't know how they did in games he missed. That kind of detailed analysis simply eludes me. Drat. Perhaps slightly more relevant (though not much more) would be how the Giants did last year without Bonds. Does that fit in with your thesis? I seem to remember Bonds missing some games early last year, and I don't remember them doing so well. Could it be that you had to go all the way back to 1993 just to make those numbers turn into your magical 86-76? Sorry, Bill. The numbers are supposed to conform to the theory -- you aren't allowed to torture them for personal use.

Bill, please. Let the experts handle the fancy ESPN statistical stuff. You just go find your way down to Angel Stadium and let Arte Moreno buy your love with a few more free beers? K?


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