Fire Jim Tracy

Sunday, May 01, 2005

One Last Thing

Sorry to all of you who played the Name Game, and are no doubt disappointed when Tracy refused to pull Jeff Weaver on Wednesday night, and eliminated all of you from contention to win the wholly illusory non-existent prize at the end of the rainbow. Fact is, I'm sort of glad this site exists in this form after last week. And it reminds me that unlike Joe Morgan, I need to stay true to my principles, and not wither in the face of mere facts like winning and losing. And fact is, it's like a brand now. FJT. It's catchy. My wife told me not to change it. You listen to your wife, don't you?

Announcement forthcoming as to our impending move. I thought getting out of school would move along the process, but it turns out that having nothing to do makes you lazy.


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